947 thermaikos

If a bar could sum up the history of the whole city over the past 20 years, it could only be Thermaikos. Right on the waterfront, Thermaikos offers a beautiful view to the sea, it took its famous name from. But real magic happens inside where the retro artifacts, the pop-art memorabilia and the art-deco details create a unique urban exoticism and eventually, the most iconic interior design you can find.

A meeting point for caffeine enthusiasts and music lovers, a place where renowned artists hangout with esthetes and bohemians, Thermaikos is also the place for people who know how to enjoy a good cocktail and let a simple weeknight become legendary! As for the music department, some of Thessaloniki’s finest DJs are responsible for Thermaikos’s eclectic soundtrack which features mainly jazz and blues, turning the volume and the tempo up as night falls.

Leoforos Nikis 21
T: 2310 239842

Facebook: Thermaikos bar

Ελληνική Γραφή: Θερμαϊκός