Kouzina Tis Aglaias

945 kouzina tis aglaias

At her restaurant Mrs. Aglaia likes to prepare simple, tasteful and nutritious meals the same way she likes to cook at home for her family. Therefore her restaurant is named “Aglaia’s Kitchen” and on a daily basis offers a variety of homemade, traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes, the same ones that you can find in any Greek home that likes to enjoy comforting meals based on really fresh, seasonal ingredients and local produce.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of main dishes based on the Greek and Mediterranean rustic cuisine, fresh salads, tasty appetizers and many vegetarian options, along with daily specials, served both indoors and outdoors right next to the picturesque flower market (Louloudadika) and the old Yahudi Hamam, right off the famous Modiano Market. Taste the magnificent moussaka, the all-time summer favourite stuffed peppers, the spicy soutzoukakia and the perfectly roasted vegetables. And if you are there on a Wednesday, live Greek music is also on the menu!

Kouzina Tis Aglaias
Fragkini 5, Louloudadika
T: 2310 280044

Ελληνική Γραφή: Η Κουζίνα της Αγλαΐας