Dekavalas – Musical Instruments

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This story began four generations ago, in Istanbul, during the late 19th century. There, Manolis Venios had a reputation of making the best ouds. It was from him that Viktor Dekavalas learned the secrets of this craft.

Nowadays, the people at Dekavalas Musical Instruments build, repair and renew stringed, classical and traditional instruments, following the exact same techniques and driven by the same love for music. Bouzouki, guitars, ouds, lutes, mandolins, tzouras and custom-made one of a kind instruments are handcrafted carefully by people who study and improve ancient forms and models, while trying to preserve the craft of string instruments making. You’ll find the Dekavalas shop near Rotunda, right above the Galerius Arch (Kamara), at the exact same spot where it first opened back in 1924.

Dekavalas – Musical Instruments
Filippou 78
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