To Magiko Kouti – The Magic Box

942 to magiko kouti the magic box

If you ‘re walking towards the Rotunda, a tiny shop that seems like it sprung out of the pages of a fairytale, will definitely catch your eye.

The inspiration for its name came from the owner’s daughter, who as a little girl would wander around, rummaging through the numerous handmade objects and items, looking for hidden treasures just like looking inside a magic box – you never know what you are going to find inside! 20 years in the business, The Magic Box is always looking to bring you a pleasant surprise! A plethora of small objects, ornaments, handmade jewellery and all kinds of cute treasures are “hidden” within the Magic box, waiting for you to find them! Tobacco cases, hand painted totes, accessories and countless cute things made out of glass, wood, paper, metal and fabric are there for you to discover. Enjoy the ride!

To Magiko Kouti – The Magic Box, handmade items
Filippou 103
T: 2310 203220