Christos – the best gyros in town!

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According to Wikipedia “a gyro (/ˈjɪəroʊ/ YEER-oh,/ˈʒɪəroʊ/ ZHEER-oh;) or gyros (Greek: γύρος, [ˈʝiros], lit. ‘turn’) is a Greek dish of meat roasted on a vertical spit. It is commonly served in a sandwich with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce”. So if you are looking for the best gyros in town, you will find it in one of the city’s busiest parts. Right across the iconic Arch of Galerius (Camara) you will instantly recognise Christos by the four huge vertical spits of
roasting pork and chicken gyros, rotating behind its fron window.

Enjoy your gyros in pita bread, in a fresh soft bun, in Cyprian or Arabic pita, in rustic lagana or choose from a variety of different delicious roast meats: perfectly roasted pork souvlaki, tender pork belly, light chicken souvlaki, chiken souvlaki wrapped in bacon, juicy beef steak, traditional Greek sausage and even Bavarian Wurst.
Match gyros or any other roast meat of your choice with your favourite bread, add fresh fries, tomato, onions and a long list of delicious home made sauces, and enjoy the best Greek fast food you’ve ever had! And if you don’t feel like having a sandwich, you can always enjoy a meat platter with a variety of different things in it. Either way, everything is fresh and prepared upon order, the portions are huge and the prices more than friendly.

[+] You can also order online and have your food delivered to your door, free of charge

Egnatia 150
T: (+30) 2310 254466 / 254469

El. Venizelou 56, Neapoli
T: (+30) 2310 633183

Opening Hours: 11.00 – 04.00

Facebook: Χρήστος Γυράδικο