Ta Bakaliarakia Sto Limani – the original fish and chips recipe

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A family business that has been one of the city’s gastronomic landmarks for over 30 years, offering the best fish and chips in town. If you go an a walk around the beautiful port area and turn towards Ladadika, you will see plenty of fish and chips restaurants. But watch out, because only “Ta Bakaliarakia sto Limani” (the little cods by the harbour) offer the original fish and chips secret recipe that has been loved by locals over the decades.

At the two restaurants of this family owned business -one facing towards the harbour and the second one towards Ladadika- you can enjoy the best fried cod you’ve ever had.
Keeping things minimal, the Vavouris family serve fish and chips rustic-style on wax paper. The perfectly fried crispy golden cod is paired with homemade fries, amazing traditional skordalia -a garlic and walnut smooth spread- and for those brave enough to handle the heat, a roast green chilly pepper.
On top of that, the second “Bakaliarakia” restaurant, at Ladadika, offers plenty of options in seafood and fresh fish and many more delicacies. Try some roast octopus and sardines, fried calamary, various appetizers and fresh salads, that you can enjoy with a glass of cold beer, some ouzo or traditional retsina, having the picturesque stone-paved alleys of Ladadika as the ultimate backdrop.

[+] The best fish and chips in town. Try the famous “skordalia” garlic spread

Fasianou 1, Ladadika
T: (+30) 2310 510210

Kountouriotou 15, Port

T: (+30) 2310 512600


Opening Hours: 10.30 – 18.00