«The Best of Image 2014» from IMAGE Black Light Theater of Prague

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Coronet Theatre welcomes the much loved troupe Black Theatre of Prague IMAGE in Thessaloniki’s Aristotelion Theater presenting «The Best of Image 2014»

This year we will enjoy «The Best of Image 2014», the best moments from the particular blend of theatrical magic, mime, dance and visual arts that encloses the Black Theatre of Prague.

The IMAGE Black Light Theater of Prague, one of the most successful troupes of Black Theatre, was founded in 1989 by Czech musician Alexander Cihar and known choreographer and dancer of the National Ballet of Czech Eva Asterova. Their aim was to establish their own theater “according to their own ideas and their personal visions. An independent theater based on techniques of black theater that combines elements of modern dance, jazz and mime. “Their dream was a theater that offers viewers high quality entertainment, good music and dance,” and a good dose of laughter ‘.

An unforgettable experience.

IMAGE Black Light Theater of Prague
«The Best of Image 2014»

 Aristotelion Theater Thessaloniki
(Ethnikis Aminis 2)


SATURDAY 8/11: 18.00 & 20.30
SUNDAY 9/11: 11.30 & 20.30
FRIDAY 14/11: 20.30
SATURDAY 15 // 11: 18.00 & 20.30
SUNDAY 16/11: 11.30 & 20.30

TICKET PRICES: 20 € & 15 € children (15 years)
Presale: viva.gr, Public, seven spot, PAPASOTIRIOU, IANOS