Meze Bar

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Enjoy ouzo, a shot of traditional tsipouro or original Cretan raki, beer or retsina in a bar much different from any the other. With a colourful, young and playful environment, Meze Bar definitely stands out as it serves a variety of delicious meze dishes. The menu is as playful as its interior and almost everything in it is a “must-try”: cheese kataifi rolls topped with red pepper jam, beetroot with smoked herring and walnuts, roast eggplant nests filled with tomato dip, smooth fava with sun-dried tomato pesto.

On top of that, plenty of meat, seafood and fresh fish options as well as several vegetarian dishes and wine platters. The title of the specialties might be a little hard to translate, as they are named with much imagination, but the truth is that original culinary inspiration lies behind the unique pairing of ingredients and the amazing combination of flavours! Top quality fresh material, fine Greek cheeses from specific geographical regions, amazingly low prices and the friendliest atmosphere around!

[+] Very close to the seafront Meze Bars offers a great view over Nea Paralia and plenty of outdoor seating

Kimonos Voga 27
Nea Paralia

Τ: (+30) 2315 507979

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 00.00

+ wifi
+ live music
+ special offers / happy hours

fb: mezebar2013