Anapoda – "upside down"

3703 anapoda upside down

A classic Greek coffeehouse and meze joint that has turned everything “upside down” in order to get everything right! Anapoda -literally meaning upside down- is located in one of the city’s famous gastronomic neighbourhoods where plenty of ouzo & meze restaurants can be found. But this one is highly recommended!

Not only does it serve a variety of exceptional homemade delicacies and amazing sharing platters, but also offers the finest selection of ouzo, excellent organic wine and tsipouro, top quality traditional Cretan raki and several Greek and imported beers. Watch out for the “upside-down” interior details, enjoy the view over the sea and Nea Paralia from a table outside and ask about the day’s special offers, although the prices are already super friendly.

[+] Anapoda opens starts early serving top quality (traditional) slowly-roasted Greek coffee and great espresso hits.

K. Voga 31 & Katakalou 2
Nea Paralia (Botsari area)
Τ: (+30) 2310 844915

Opening hourse: 08.30 – 02.00


+special offers

FB: anapoda.mezedopoteio