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This family business has been one of the leading fur and leather companies in Thessaloniki since 1926, offering top quality fur and leather collections with impeccable detailing. In the special atmosphere of Samaras Furs you will be pleased to discover your new favourite fur. You will enjoy a dedicated customer service and find unique coats, accessories and precious Italian jackets for your most exceptional moments!

The company owns two stores in Thessaloniki. The first one, on Vasilisis Olgas street, offers a great collection of furs, wonderful outerwear that combine fur elements with modern fabrics, as well as soft leather and shearling jackets, for men and women. You will also discover special accessories and selected leather bags from Italy’s famous brand BRACCIALINI. There is also a special offers department where you can purchase selected items in smart prices throughout the whole year.
The second and newest store is on Tsimiski street, right in the heart of the city and specializes in furs. There, you can find the always updated MALA MATI collections, as well as unique pieces from the Samaras Furs collection. In a specially designed space of 175 m² you will taste the feel of touching luxury fur and witness the quality of the sewing details. You will certainly find the design that suits your style and budget and you will get a fur that will accompany you in elegance for a lifetime. All items are sold with product warranty.

[+] Boths stores offer repairing and restyling service, special accessories and advice for preserving your favourite fur and leather products. Free delivery service in Greece

Tsimiski 88
T: (+30) 2310 223540

Vas.Olgas 37
T: (+30) 2310851529

Empoli Italy
T: (+39) 0571501983

Opening Hours: Mon, Tue, Sat 10.00 – 17.00 / 10.00 – 21.00

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