Dentrospito – "Treehouse" all day café – restaurant – cocktail paradise

Simply meaning “Treehouse” this all day café – restaurant – cocktail paradise right in the heart of the city’s -literally- coolest location, could not have a better name! In complete harmony with its surroundings Dentrospito found its unique spot last year, in one of the city’s greenest areas. Placed strategically at the park across the YMCA building and just above the White Tower, it instantly became one of the city’s summer favourites, offering plenty of outdoor seating, a colourful bar, large monastery dining tables and comfy hammocks for those who want to relax under the shade of the trees and enjoy the infinite view towards Ano Poli and all the way to the sea.

But it has a lot more to offer. The menu features coffee, fresh juices, all types of beverages, great cocktails and drinks and a selection of local and imported beer. The menu’s strongest point though, is the long list of amazing meze dishes, great salads and all kinds of delicacies based upon the principles of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, combined with the creativity and virtuosity of the two chefs: Stelios Dimitriadis and Panayiotis Kosmidis. Fresh flavours, carefully selected local ingredients, PDO cheeses specially delivered from the Greek islands and countryside, buffalo meat that comes on special order from small farms and various traditional ingredients combined in the most creative and nutritious ways. Try the yummy grape and cheese bullets, the nutritious green salad with strawberries and goat cheese, the tender grilled pork with baby potatoes or the chicken stir fry in turmeric sauce.

[+] Day or night, for coffee, relaxed cocktails or tasty bites under the trees, Dentrospito always has the best jazz, soul, funky and eclectic soundtrack.

T: (+30) 2310 251488

Opening Hours: 10.00 – afterhours


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