PhotoBiennale 2014– 22nd International Photography Meeting / Topic: Logos

2571 photobiennale 2014 22nd international photography meeting topic logos

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography organizes an International Photography Festival (the PhotoBiennale) every two years, which is an evolution of an annual photography festival (entitled Photosynkyria) which has been running for twenty years.

Through multiple exhibitions at different venues thoughout the city of Thessaloniki, focusing in 1.000 works made by 100 greek and foreign artists from 23 countries around the world, through open conversations with the photographers themselves, with photography assessments given by experts in the field from around the world, masterclasses, awards and parallel events, PhotoBiennale is established as an internationally calibrated celebration of photography.

2571 photobiennale 2014 22nd international photography meeting topic logosPhotoBiennale

PhotoBiennale 2014– 22nd International Photography Meeting / Topic: Logos

8/5- 8/9/2014

PhotoBiennale 2014 : Time – Place – Discourse

This year’s PhotoBiennale with “Logos” (Discourse) being the topic of the main exhibition program is the third part of a thematic trilogy, following “Time” (Chronos – 2008) and “Place” (Topos – 2010-2011).

The international meeting includes exhibitions presented in museums, galleries and other exhibitions spaces all over the city of Thessaloniki as well as in other Greek cities, in collaboration with public and private organizations. Apart from the Main Program, the event encompasses parallel events and activities such as Portfolio Reviews and the Cedefop/Photomuseum international photography award related to the topic of work and photography

On the European photography festival circuit, the PhotoBiennale is situated between the Photobiennale in Moscow and PhotoEspana in Madrid. It is a member of “Festival of Light” (, an international collaboration of photography festivals around the world.

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the only state-run museum in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, dedicated exclusively to the medium of photography. It functions as a museum, a photography center and festival organizer.

Through these various functions it brings viewpoints to the public: first concerning art, since the aesthetics of the medium do not differ greatly from those of fine art. Second concerning technology by the use of digital applications, and third through the human sciences, as photography illuminates the world in its many social dimensions. Its goal is to approach the different uses and applications of photography, whether as document, trace, artwork, photojournalism, industrial photography, advertising, or other.

It was founded in 1998 and since 2001 is located on the 1st floor at Warehouse A, 1st Dock, in the Port of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece after Athens.

Since 2006, with a new strategy mindful of its initial mission, the museum utilizes the axes of memory, meeting and discovery. It targets actions on a local, national and international level through the following activities: 1) planning and executing a series of exhibitions based on thematic cycles, 2) compiling archives and collections, 3) publishing catalogues and informational material, 4) organizing educational programs and 5) the Photo Biennale (an international photography festival).

At the same time, it encourages dialogue and meetings through “portfolio reviews”, the establishment of awards, the organization of open discussions (the series “Words and Images”) and thematic meetings, while putting on parallel events in collaboration with other institutions.