79th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair : here everything is a game

In the heart of the city, Thessaloniki’s International Exhibition Center (180,000 m²) welcomes in open – aired or closed pavilions all the business trades from professionals around the world, along with concerts, exhibitions, playgrounds, food courts.

The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, hosted every September, has a venerable modern history dating to 1926, with approximately 300.000 visitors in its 10 days duration.

Thessaloniki International Trade Fair : one big global market (www.helexpo.gr)

Welcome to 79th T.I.F. : 6 – 14 September 2014

79th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair : here everything is a game

The significantly increased exhibition scale of last year’s event in terms of both quality and quantity highlighted the new developmental mark of the Fair and its future prospects, while sending an optimistic message regarding the progress of this year’s event.

The 79th TIF, remaining aligned with the basic axes of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION, is returning to its commercial and international character, placing emphasis on the promotion and growth of the country’s export capabilities.

The combination of the commercial and entrepreneurial content of the 79th TIF with the expanded, diverse schedule of recreational events hosted by TIF-HELEXPO will endow the Fair with the dynamism that is necessary for a multifaceted event, a large celebration that will take place with the participation of the entire city and more.