Dizzy Dolls – beer and rock music

1309 dizzy dolls beer and rock music

Very few combinations in life are as perfect as beer and rock music. Maybe brick walls as a backdrop to a classic wood bar with leather stools could be added to this short list of ideal pairings and perhaps the effect of some genuine hard rock and metal tunes over a shot of bourbon.

And if all those combos sound like the bare essentials to a rocker’s life, just keep wandering around the stone-paved alleys of Ladadika, till you find the ultimate rock and metal joint this town has to offer!
Dizzy Dolls has been building its reputation upon the principles of true rock attitude for almost 16 years now, having set its “headquarters” in an old, stone and brick two-storey establishment in Ladadika. With a really classic décor and a genuine rock-bar feel, its long, wooden bar can easily accommodate big cheerful parties of rocker chicks right next to some lonesome biker types.
But apart from being the indisputable epicentre of the local hard rock and metal scene, Dizzy Dolls is also a true gem when it comes to beer. An extensive catalogue of local and imported draft and bottled beers will tempt any true brew-lover. And if brands like Henninger, Kaiser and Guinness don’t sound enticing enough, perhaps you should try some of the Greek beers, exclusively supplied by local microbreweries!
And since the music is great and everything is served at really low prices, be prepared to lose hours upon hours at this joint.

Dizzy Dolls
Egyptou 5
T: 6944 688814

Facebook: Dizzy

Live music
Opening Hours: 18.00 – 05.30