YOGO – premium frozen yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt first made its appearance in the ’70s and nowadays it is more popular than ever! As a healthier alternative to ice-cream, frozen yoghurt is low on calories -one cup has only got 115 calories and just 2% fat- but high on calcium and proteins!

Therefore it definitely is a healthy delight you can treat yourself, without any regrets! At YOGO, right off Aristotle Square, you’ll find the best frozen yoghurt in town. YOGO offers a great list of options when it comes to different frozen yoghurt flavours. Try the always yummy chocolate frozen yoghurt, the cool strawberry or just the classic flavour which is perfect great with some fresh fruit toppings. A variety of toppings, that range from chocolate, nuts and cereal to fresh and dried fruit, traditional jams and confectionary, are there for you to try.


YOGO premium frozen yoghurt
Mitropoleos 28
T: 2310 271271