Zithos & Zithos Doree

Located in a beautiful building that dates back to 1907, Zithos was the first original beer-house to open in the historic area of Ladadika. Both of the two Zithos restaurants –one in Ladadika and another right opposite the iconic White Tower- have for many years been staples of Thessaloniki’s culinary and cultural life.

Strictly using local ingredients, Zithos offers simple tastes and high quality service. Great appetizers and salads, grilled meat, poultry, seafood, along with wholesome cooked meals and homemade desserts that draw inspiration from local cuisine, the Near East as well as international gastronomy. Seasonal menus and daily specials keep things interesting all year round, winning many international awards and certifications. And since the word Zithos literally stands for “brew”, a great selection of beer is also available along with a really long wine list.


Katouni 5, Ladadika

Zithos Doree
Tsiroyianni 7, White Tower


Happy Hour
International Student’s Card
Opening hours: 09.30 – 02.00