One of the most gourmet places right in the centre of Thessaloniki, spotted on the corner of Filippou and Venizelou streets with a devoted, clientele of 17 years. A place where the true connoisseurs of the art of ouzo go to taste the daily specialties and selection of yummy small side-dishes -known as “meze”-prepared by the owner and chef Mr. Kostas Konstantinou.

Situated very close to the Aristotle Square, the Roman Forum and also the very interesting antique marketplace Bit Bazaar, Krasodikio is definitely one of the area’s main gastronomic attractions! The interior is rustic, with brick and wood details, plaid tablecloths and antique lamps that add an old-timey feel to the recently renovated, friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the dining room, while there’s also outdoor seating under the shade of the trees. The menu is written in seven different languages -Greek, English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Italian- and almost everything on it is a “must-try”: from the fresh Greek salad paired beautifully with some tangy feta cheese, the creamy roast aubergine salad, the delicious fava dip, the traditional “giant” beans baked in tomato sauce and the crispy fried zucchini, to the smocked eel, the intricate shrimp pasta, the always in-demand pork souvlaki, lamb chops and grilled meatballs. Fresh fish is always on the menu, varying from day to day and depending on the day’s catch, so you’d better ask the chef for the day’s suggestions and options. Apart from specialising in quality meat and fresh fish Krasodikio also offers an expansive selection of ouzo, traditional retsina and an endless list of local and imported beer and wine, from famous Greek vineyards and small wineries.

Filippou & Venizelou 18
T: 2310 239031

facebook: Krasodikio
Accepts credit cards
Lyoness Cashback Card Partner
Opening hours: 12.00 – 01.15

Ελληνική γραφή: Κρασοδικείο