"Reading Included" at the Lola Nikolaou Gallery

Alexis Akrithakis , John Gaitis , Marios Eleftheriadis , Helen Theofilaktou , Vlassis Kaniaris, Christina Mitrentse , Leda Papaconstantinou , John Tsarouhis ,Elli Chrysidou

Lola Nikolaou gallery has chosen four unique artists from the historic Greek leadership and five established representative artists of the gallery This is a group exhibition based on quality and aims to create dynamic dialogue between works which although retain autonomy of their identity , are indicative of their signatures and have common ingenuity elements .

Tsimiski 52, Thessaloniki
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 13 March 7- 11pm
Opening hours: Tu , Th , Fr 12.00 -20.00 / Wed , Sat 12.00 – 15.00